Playable ads are interactive ads that show the core game play of your game.  Fun of game play and visual quality are paramount to convince players to install your game.  Playable ads boost retention and life time value (LTV).


Since slots for playable ads are scarce, only the best ads will be shown.  It's also the first step of your monetization funnel.  A small missed opportunity at this stage will have devastating consequences on your revenues.  You can't compromise on the ad's quality.


We are mobile game developers and mobile game publishers.  We know what fun is and we know how to sell it.  The playable ad is a mini-game that promises more.  It's not ONLY a piece of code that must pass different quality tests.


We'll play your game to understand it.  However, you know your game better than anybody else and we'll devise the exact game play of the playable ad with you.  This process is a dialogue of words, sketches and storyboards.


Not every game should be promoted with playable ads.  We'll share our publishing experience with you and will advise you on which ad networks you should advertise your game on.  We'll also give you a good idea of the market CPIs to reckon with.


We'll create a first version of the playable ad for two networks for USD 1,500.  Once you're successfully promoting your game, we'll adapt the playable ad to other networks and create variations of the playable ad at a fixed hourly rate.





We are independent publisher-developers of free-to-play mobile games.  We looked for a playable ad agency that would help us create a competitive playable ad, which we could then use on several advertising networks ourselves.  The companies we approached were either advertising networks or pure coders, or simply much too expensive.  We didn't have a choice but to create our playable ads in-house.  Now that we have acquired the relevant experience, we want other indie developers to take advantage of it: we will not only create your playable ads, but we will also share our expertise in using them on the relevant ad networks at the best possible prices.

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