A complex app has several of the following features: it enables users to log in and to interact with each other synchronously or asynchronously; it monetizes through ads or by selling content; it integrates social media channels and marketing software; it uses proprietary mechanics, which might have been developed in native device languages; it has a sophisticated content management system that allows administrators to release additional content and to monitor app usage; it is scalable across the globe in several languages.


A complex app is not only intricate in itself, but it is also nested in a multifaceted ecosystem.  It's part of an existing business with historical competitors; it takes into account an prevailing pricing landscape and is an integral part a company's growth and brand strategy.  Because of its availability and ubiquity, it's a reference point that defines the clients' perception of a company's product.  It's not only an advertising billboard: it's an extension and hopefully an accelerator for a specific brand or product.


Creative Interactive crafts precise design documents aimed at the client's business, marketing and financial staff.  They are composed of descriptions, wireframes, technical options, pictures from existing and similar app screens, marketing and financial tables and timelines.  Design documents are work-in-progresses until programming starts.  They can be divided into different stages, e.g. a precise prototype design document included in the product design document, which will be fine-tuned after evaluation of the prototype.



Creative Interactive has in-house staff, but will hire additional staff and outsource part of the production according to the programming skills needed.  We have worked with developers and coding agencies in the Americas, Eastern Europe and the Far East and know how to set up reliable and cost-effective cross-country teams.  This flexibility allows us always to choose the best technology for a project and to change technology during a project, e.g. from prototype to final product.  


The design document is broken down in workable units and organized with the help of a production management software.  Creative Interactive assign tasks to individual developers and assesses the result of individual development tasks at the end of their time units.  We control every step of the production and host all created software on our own servers.  All third party software and plug-ins are licensed in our name.


Complex apps hitting the app store must be flawless.  Creative Interactive tests its app from the beginning to the end, from the wireframes to the complex app's launch.  We develop the testing lists internally and update them continuously.  As soon as an app concept or app version has been completed, we have its user friendliness tested with focus groups by specialised agencies.  During development, we tend to work with a ratio of one tester for one developer.  We use agencies specialised on quality assessment in Asia.




App publishing is part of the production process and only the launch of the app is the first indicator of its success.  Creative Interactive defines the marketing mechanics of an app early on in the design document.  We continually elaborate the launch options in collaboration with the client according to the app's marketing mechanics and its wider ecosystem.  The final text details the steps, timeline, countries, partners, marketing channels, budget and KPIs for the launch campaign of the app.


Creative Interactive produces all marketing assets, whether in-house or with our network of freelancers, with whom we have been working for several years.  We aim at producing a coherent look across the app shops, the different types of static apps, the interstitial and video ads and the playable ads.  We adapt and optimize each ad for all relevant marketing networks and minimize the amount of ads that won't be used.


Live-ops includes development, app advertising and app support.  After launch, Creative Interactive will set up an internal live-ops development team , which will continuously update the app and add content to it, according to data feedback and client wishes.  It will advertise the app internally, based on its extensive advertising experience and its direct relationship with big ad networks.   It will outsource and supervise support with online agencies in different countries, according to the regions in which the app is successful.





This is a massively multiplayer, maze and base building, asynchronous mobile game, in which
players design labyrinths for other players to solve in a set number of steps.  Mazes become bigger and active and decorative elements are added at each level.  A proprietary skill assessing system precisely matches players according to their maze building and solving skills.  The game economy includes several currencies and the administrators control it through a detailed content management system.



This is a chat app cum role playing game aimed at the worldwide comic book, manga and webtoon communities.  Chatters choose scenes of well-known comic books and type their text direct in the bubbles of their heroes.  The app is programmed in both native iOS and Android languages to respond instantly to tapping and swiping by users.  It's a fully featured chat app, which also includes a proprietary image matching mechanics and a navigation prompting logic fine-tuned over more than two years.



We are independent publisher-developers of free-to-play mobile games.  We deal with massively complex universes aimed at huge user pools competing against each other across continents.  Our games and apps are built for PC, Android and Apple and are using numerous coding languages, game engines and marketing APIs/SDKs.  We have designed proprietary user experiences and multi-layered algorithms that play and scale against any human opponent.  Our games have used existing monetization mechanics and entirely new ones.  We've published games in twelve languages everywhere in the world.  Our apps were attacked by hackers and our add budgets drained by app install farms.  We know quite a lot about designing, producing and publishing complex apps.  We're responsive and flexible.  We'll save you a lot of time.

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